Benton Charter Township - Water Treatment Plant and Distribution System, Benton Harbor, Michigan: With a starting date in August 2010, Benton Charter Township is well underway in completing this $22 Million project, which is on schedule for September 2011 startup. The project includes a 4,000 foot lake intake pipe, a 20 foot diameter by 50 feet deep shore well and pumping station, a 3 MGD treatment plant (easily expandable to 12 MGD), a 1 MG ground storage reservoir and approximately 16,000 linear feet of water distribution piping. Merritt Engineering Inc. was able to complete the design, apply for and obtain more than 15 governmental permits and obtain competitive bids for the nine separate project contracts within 10˝ months. Merritt Engineering Inc. was able to keep costs down with innovative design ideas and construction methods. The project is being financed by the Township through the sale of bonds by the Berrien County Board of Public Works.
American Electric Power - Donald C. Cook Nuclear Plant Employee Parking Lot, Bridgman, Michigan: Merritt Engineering Inc. completed design work in 2011 on a 10.5-acre, 1,000 space, paved parking lot. The engineering design was fast-tracked in order meet the Owner’s scheduled shut-down for annual plant maintenance. The project site was unusual in that it involved significant earthwork, with an estimated 82,000 cubic yards requiring relocation. Several “Green” amenities were introduced into the design including shuttle bus stations, landscape features and energy efficient lighting. Extreme care had to be observed in the design process in order to account for the special design/construction specifications and procedures inherent to building within the boundaries of a nuclear energy generating plant. The estimated cost of the project is $2.18 Million. Construction was completed in August 2011.
Benton Charter Township - Willow Creek Interceptor Sewer Replacement, Benton Harbor, Michigan: With the help of a significant grant from the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, Benton Charter Township is replacing approximately 7,000 linear feet of sanitary sewer at a total cost of approximately $1.2 Million. The existing sewer was constructed of short pieces of reinforced concrete pipe installed along a creek bed. Significant infiltration and inflow into the sewer prompted the Township to proceed with its replacement. Merritt Engineering Inc. explored construction alternatives (i.e., pipe lining, pipe bursting, grouting, etc.) and their associated costs. The final design was to construct a new conventional sewer with fewer joints and larger diameter providing more carrying capacity. Work began in August 2010 and is now approximately 65% complete.
City of New Buffalo - Illicit Discharge Elimination Program, New Buffalo, Michigan: Merritt Engineering Inc. identified an MDNRE grant opportunity for the City, and worked with them to successfully receive $62,000 for performance of a non-point source pollution investigation of its drainage system. Although several water quality parameters were evaluated during the study, Escherichia coli (E. coli) bacteria was specifically targeted for evaluation. Field investigation of the drainage system began in September 2009 and included tasks such as: system mapping, outfall inspection, and water sampling and analysis. Results of the investigation revealed the presence of E. coli bacteria in significant concentrations at certain locations. These areas were subsequently targeted for additional assessment as to potential sources. Based on the results of the study several administrative as well as corrective recommendations were developed. Merritt Engineering Inc. worked with the City to support their implementation.
New Buffalo Township - Memorial Park Improvements, New Buffalo, Michigan: Merritt Engineering Inc. worked with the Township to design and construct $370,000 of improvements to Memorial Park, a local community park. The project included a 1,800 square foot architecturally designed picnic shelter, with attached restrooms and concession stand, an outdoor amphitheatre, as well as other park improvements. The facility has received very positive reviews and is being evaluated by other area communities for possible duplication. Other facilities at this park, that Merritt Engineering Inc. has assisted with design and construction include: a basketball court, bocci ball courts, a children’s playground, and children’s splash pad.
Private Developer – Beach Access Road, South Haven, Michigan: Merritt Engineering Inc. worked with a developer to design, permit and construct a paved beach access path down an undeveloped 70 foot high bluff for residents within the subdivision. In addition to construction of the path, this $156,000 project included grading, drainage and erosion control improvements to several subdivision lots that significantly enhanced their view of Lake Michigan and real estate value.
Sewage Lift Station No. 4 Replacement, Niles Charter Township, Michigan: Rated for a pumping capacity of 5,700 gallons per minute, Niles Charter Township Lift Station No. 4 serves an area of over 4,000 acres. The station was originally constructed in 1976, and despite regular maintenance, is in a deteriorated condition. Merritt Engineering, Inc. was asked to review the station and to perform a preliminary engineering study making recommendations as to available alternatives. Based on the study, Niles Charter Township elected to replace the station rather than to attempt to repair the existing station. Merritt Engineering was also asked to prepare plans and specifications for the replacement station, as well as to assist with necessary permits and with soliciting construction bids. The replacement pumping equipment will be located within a prefabricated structure mounted on top of the existing wet well. This will provide better access for maintenance than the existing equipment which is located underground and requires that maintenance workers climb down a ladder. Project bids have been received and the equipment has been ordered and is in fabrication.
Sanitary Sewer Infiltration and Inflow Reduction, Chikaming Township, Michigan: Merritt Engineering Inc. has been working with Chikaming Township to reduce stormwater infiltration and inflow to the Township sanitary sewer collection system. Merritt Engineering assisted with both identification of infiltration and inflow sources and also elimination of the identified problems. The identification process included sewer lift station monitoring, smoke testing, and sewer line video inspections. The lift station monitoring identified sections of the collection system where flow increased significantly during and after precipitation. Targeted areas were smoke tested and/or video inspected to identify specific problems. Repair work to correct identified groundwater leaks and other issues was bid and completed. Chikaming Township is also encouraging residents of areas without dedicated storm drainage to install drains. This eliminates the need to illegally discharge residential stormwater to the sanitary sewer. The current Turner Shores Storm Sewer project is an example. Partly due to these efforts, Chikaming Township is no longer routinely the largest contributor of flow to the treatment plant which it shares with several other communities.
Community Septic System, Lake Chapin Shores Condominiums, Berrien Springs, Michigan: Lake Chapin Shores is a single family residential condominium development located along the shore of Lake Chapin. Municipal sanitary sewer is not available in the area or nearby. An individual septic system serving each lot was not desirable due to site soil and topographic conditions. Merritt Engineering, Inc. designed a gravity sanitary sewer collection system, pump station and community septic system to serve the development. The community septic system consists of a series of septic tanks, a dosing pump station, and a soil absorption field. Merritt Engineering assisted with design and permitting of the system, as well as solicitation of contractor bids, construction layout and observation, and record drawing preparation. The system was placed into service in 2009.
Private Developer - Wind Turbine, Crete, Illinois: Merritt Engineering, Inc. was requested by a land owner to evaluate, site plan, permit and assist wiht the design of a 140 ft. tall steel tower to support a 10-kw wind turbine electric power generator. The tower was constructed in a zoned rural community and provides power to a farm and residence with excess power being sold to the local energy company.
American Electric Power - Donald C. Cook Nuclear Plant Roadway, Bridgman, Michigan: Merritt Engineering, Inc. completed design in September 2011 on improvements to a 0.5 - mile plant road as a follow-up to it's successful parking lot project. This project is being fast tracked by the Owner as it services an important area of the plant.
Listed below are a few examples of private projects for which
Merritt Engineering, Inc. has provided services:
Wal Mart Stores (Benton Harbor and Niles, Michigan)
Lowe's Store (Benton Harbor, Michigan)
Alliance Bank (Three Oaks & New Buffalo, Michigan)
New Buffalo Savings Bank (New Buffalo & Sawyer, Michigan)
Weko Dunes Condominiums (Bridgman, Michigan)
The Estates Subdivisions (St. Joseph, Michigan)
South Haven Hospice Facility (South Haven, Michigan)
Hidden Ponds Condominiums (Holland, Michigan)
Michigan State Police Post (Bridgman, Michigan)
Home Depot (Benton Harbor, Michigan)
Schoolhouse Condominiums and Summer School Cottages (New Buffalo, Michigan)
Lutheran Heritage Village (St. Joseph, Michigan)
Celebration Cinema (Benton Harbor, Michigan)
Comfort Suites Motel (Benton Harbor, Michigan)
Culver's Restaurant (Stevensville, Michigan)
Applebee's Restaurant (Benton Harbor, Michigan)
Dollar General Stores (Stevensville & New Buffalo, Michigan)
Whirlpool Corporate Training Center Site Infrastructure Improvements (Covert, Michigan)
Peach Ridge Subdivisions (Berrien Springs, Michigan)
Hidden Pines Subdivision (Stevensville, Michigan)
Churchill Farms Condominiums (St. Joseph, Michigan)

Listed below are a few examples of public projects for which
Merritt Engineering, Inc. has provided services:
Chikaming Township Water System
- 1.0 Million Gallon Reservoir and Booster Pump Station
- Flynn Road and Harbert Road Watermain Extension
- Lakeside Road Watermain Replacement
- 500,000 Gallon Elevated Storage Tank
Cornerstone Industrial Park, Benton Charter Township
Lake Charter Township Sanitary Sewer System
Niles Charter Township Water System Expansion
Niles Charter Township South Eleventh Street Watermain Extension
Glade and King Drain, Berrien County Drain Commissioner
Sawyer Village Drain, Berrien County Drain Commissioner
Pipestone-Townline Road Sewer and Water Extension, Benton Charter Township
Woodridge Place (Benton Charter Township, Michigan)
Lake Charter Township Water Filtration Plant Expansion
Lake Charter Township Snow Road Watermain Replacement
Royalton Township Watermain Extensions
Benton Charter Township Sanitary Sewer Bypass
New Buffalo Township Lubke Road Sewer Bypass
New Buffalo Township - Michigan City Water Interconnect
New Buffalo Township - Booster Stations
City of Benton Harbor Morton Hill Area Sidewalk Improvements
California Road Water and Sewer Extension, Weesaw Township
Peterson Drain, Van Buren County Drain Commissioner
North Twin Lakes Control Structure, Cass County Drain Commissioner
St. Joseph Avenue Watermain and Paving Improvements, Village of Stevensville
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