Direct Involvement of Management
As a consulting firm practicing Civil Engineering, we provide a wide range of engineering and related services to our clients. Our previous projects include development and design of subdivision and condominium sites; industrial parks; water and sewer system networks, extensions and rehabilitation; streets and drainage improvements; treatment plants; and recreational parks.
We provide governmental agencies, corporations and individuals a full range of engineering representations, including services for the following purposes:
The preparation of feasibility studies for utilities, paving and community development projects.
The preparation of complete construction plans, specifications, bidding documents and assistance with permit applications for public works and other municipal improvements.
Assistance with platted subdivision and site condominium projects, including: preliminary plat or site plan preparation, infrastructure and roadway design, approvals and permitting, construction phase services, and final plat or condominium master deed drawings.
Continuing representation through the construction phase of projects including construction layout, management, construction observation, and preparation of record drawings.
The preparation of topographic maps and surveys.
The preparation of reports evaluating utility reliability, operation and maintenance functions, system flows and system user charges.
Assistance in obtaining financial aide for public works and municipal improvements projects.
Soil erosion and sedimentation control design and monitoring.
Community development and planning services.
Site plan development, including: parking; utility services; grading and drainage.
Phase I and Phase II environmental assessments, Brownfield assistance, Michigan Baseline Environmental Assessments.
Underground storage tank removals.
Storm water pollution prevention plan development, monitoring and reporting.
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